EU rules to ensure a right to accessible and affordable repairs are required immediately


A group of industry representatives — including Insurance Europe — has published a statement calling for a clear, unequivocal and immediately applicable EU Repair Clause to create a right to accessible and affordable repairs.

While the signatories appreciate the EC’s proposals for the revision of the EU Design Directive and the EU Design Regulation — especially the introduction of an EU-wide Repair Clause in the Design Directive — some targeted improvements are still required for this right to repair to become a reality.

The signatories are:

  • AIRC — the global federation of leading national organisations in the area of repairing damaged vehicles, and building vehicles for commercial use.
  • CLEPA — the European association of automotive suppliers.
  • ECAR — the European Campaign for the Freedom of the Automotive Parts and Repair Market.
  • FIGIEFA — the international federation of independent automotive aftermarket distributors.
  • Insurance Europe — the European insurance and reinsurance federation.
  • SMEunited — the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe with around 70 member organisations from over 30 European countries.