Cover Notes: “Reinsurers: the world’s shock absorbers” with Gen Re chairman Charlie Shamieh

Gen Re chairman Charlie Shamieh discussed global risk-sharing and reinsurers’ vital role supporting economies and societies in Insurance Europe’s Cover Note webinar on 5 September, 16h CEST.



Charlie Shamieh is the recently appointed chair of Insurance Europe’s Reinsurance Advisory Board (RAB), a specialist representative body for the European reinsurance industry that comprises the chairs or CEOs of the seven largest European reinsurance firms.

Charlie Shamieh has more than 37 years of experience in the life & health and property & casualty insurance and reinsurance industries in the US, Europe and Australasia. He began his working life in Australia before moving to London to work for consultant Oliver Wyman. He then spent four years as group chief risk officer at Munich Re in Germany, before working for over a decade at AIG in New York. He has been chairman of Gen Re since 2018.


Michaela Koller is director general of Insurance Europe, the European insurance and reinsurance federation. She is currently also secretary general of the Global Federation of Insurance Associations (GFIA).

Michaela has worked in Brussels for the last 30 years. Prior to joining Insurance Europe in February 2007, she held management positions in different banking trade bodies. Michaela has served as a member of various consumer/industry groups and advisory groups established by the European Commission.