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Updated tool highlights consumer initiatives across EU insurance sector

Insurance Europe has published an update to its online consumer focus tool, which highlights the continuous efforts across Europe’s various insurance markets to innovate and to enhance products and services for consumers.

The tool, which is available here on the federation’s website, provides information through an interactive map of Europe which allows users to click on specific countries to gain insight into insurers’ consumer-focused practices in that particular market.

The tool provides a non-exhaustive list of examples of pro-consumer initiatives in a number of important areas, including:

  • Innovative products and services.
  • Digitalisation.
  • Enhanced claims management.
  • Transparency and financial education.
  • Risk management innovative initiatives.
  • Initiatives to fight insurance fraud.
  • Conduct of business good practices.

The good practices and innovative products and services presented in this tool were developed with specific national features in mind, such as national regulatory frameworks and local consumers’ needs, which — like insurance companies — can differ significantly between EU countries. Insurance products and services are, therefore, not directly transferable from one market to another.

Published 8 July 2016