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Road users should continue to be protected by MID, including those using autonomous vehicles

Any changes during the review of the Directive must add real value for consumers

The EU Motor Insurance Directive (MID) has proved to be an efficient instrument for protecting road users and has contributed to making freedom of movement a reality across Europe, according to a position paper published by Insurance Europe on the European Commission’s proposal for a review of the 2009 MID.

Insurance Europe strongly supports the Commission’s view that autonomous vehicles fall within the scope of the MID and that the Directive is fit for such vehicles. Insurance Europe is also highly supportive of the Commission’s proposal to allow new technological developments — such as number-plate recognition — to be used in the fight against uninsured driving.

Insurance Europe is broadly supportive of the principle behind the Commission’s proposed mechanism for guarantee fund interventions in the case of an insurer insolvency. However, this mechanism should not be limited to insurers operating on the basis of the freedom to provide services cross-border, but also those operating through the freedom of establishment.

However, the Commission proposal fails to provide enough clarity on the scope of the Directive. Accidents resulting from purely agricultural, construction, industrial, motor sports or fairground activities should not be included within the MID’s scope. Likewise, devices more akin to bicycles than motorised vehicles — such as electrically power-assisted cycles with a maximum speed of 25 km/h — should clearly remain out of its scope.

Finally, the Commission’s proposals for the standardisation of claims history statements are deeply concerning. They would require significant insurer investment, without any clear benefits to consumers in practice, as shown in the Commission’s own impact assessment.

Published 18 September 2018
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