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Preliminary comments on the EC proposal to revise the Motor Insurance Directive

The Motor Insurance Directive (MID) has proven an efficient instrument for the protection of road users over the years, and through this role it has contributed to making the freedom of movement a reality across Europe. Insurance Europe welcomes the European Commission’s efforts to ensure the MID carries on playing this role through an increased protection for victims of motor vehicle accidents and ensuring motor insurance policyholders are all treated fairly and without discrimination.

Motor insurers are at the heart of the system put in place through the MID. The European Commission rightly notes in its Impact Assessment that motor insurers will bear any cost resulting from the implementation of this proposal. Insurance Europe would therefore like to share its views on the main aspects of this proposal to ensure it provides real added value for European policyholders and road users.

Published 24 July 2018
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Thomas Gelin
Thomas Gelin
Senior policy advisor, general insurance