Clear EU framework needed for drone licensing, certification, authorisation and classification


Insurance Europe has responded to the European Commission’s consultation on technical standards for drones and conditions for their use.

Insurers’ interest in drones spans from being a user of drones to providing risk cover solutions to other drone users.

Insurers use drones to identify, evaluate and mitigate risk in a wide range of insurance classes, which in turn can provide more accurate premiums. Insurers also make use of drones to quickly and accurately inspect hard-to-reach sites, such as in post-disaster recovery scenarios.

And drones are a developing and expanding product line for insurers. Currently, significant capacity exists in the aviation and liability sector, as well as in some personal lines sectors as add-ons to household policies or as niche policies.

In an accompanying document, Insurance Europe has called on the Commission to provide a clear common framework on licensing, certification and authorisation, and classification by use and size of drones at EU level. It has highlighted how fragmented legislation impedes market growth, and has raised privacy and security concerns.