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Motor Insurance Directive fit for purpose for connected and automated vehicles

Insurance Europe has responded to the European Commission’s REFIT consultation on the Motor Insurance Directive (MID), which it said is an essential tool in the protection of road traffic accident victims and should be preserved.

It added that the Commission should ensure that any amendment to the MID does not result – either directly or indirectly - in reducing this high level of protection. The priority should remain for every victim of road traffic accidents in Europe to receive due compensation.

Insurance Europe stressed that the MID is also fit for purpose for connected and autonomous vehicles. It added that these must not be excluded from the MID’s scope, as this would undermine the protection of road users.

Insurance Europe noted that the success of the MID in achieving its goals is dependent on an open and competitive motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance market. As such, MTPL insurers must be able to exercise their commercial judgement freely. However, interferences - such as the standardisation of claims history statements - would complicate MTPL insurers’ business without bringing real added value to European drivers.

Given the increasing connectivity of vehicles, an open and competitive MTPL insurance market also requires rules to be in place at European level to ensure access to in-vehicle data is independent from vehicle manufacturers. This would ensure it is European drivers that decide who can access their data, and for what purposes.

Published 24 October 2017
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