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Position Paper
Key considerations on simplifying the transfer of vehicles registered in another member state

The European motor insurance sector welcomes the European Commission’s aim to improve the functioning of the single market through the elimination of administrative barriers related to the re-registration procedure of motor vehicles.

However, Insurance Europe believes it is important to ensure that current efforts to combat uninsured driving and improve road safety within the EU are not undermined. As such Insurance Europe would like to underline that:

  • existing registration systems designed to combat uninsured driving should not be weakened;
  • the legal timeframe for re-registration of vehicles should not exceed 3 months;
  • failure to re-register a vehicle within the timeframe should be penalised;
  • vehicles should not be used on the public roads pending appeal of refusal for re-registration; and communication between registration authorities of Member States should be encouraged.
Published 23 February 2015
Nicolas Jeanmart
Nicolas Jeanmart
Head of personal & general insurance
Thomas Gelin
Thomas Gelin
Senior policy advisor, general insurance