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This insight briefing examines the liability questions raised by light electric vehicles and automated vehicles, as well as the issue of access to the data of connected and automated vehicles. The briefing was launched at an event on insuring future mobility.

The increased use of light electric vehicles — such as electric bicycles, segways and electric scooters — has led to questions being raised about liability for accidents and whether motor third-party liability (MTPL) insurance should be mandatory for such vehicles. Insurance Europe believes that the defining factor in deciding this should stem from existing rules, ie that compulsory insurance should only apply at EU level to vehicles that can exceed 25 km/h.

Liability and insurance are also an issue at the heart of the debate around automated vehicles. While these vehicles are expected to make roads safer in the long run, accidents will still happen. Here, compulsory insurance is indeed needed, in the same way as it is for traditional vehicles, and there is, in fact, already a solid regulatory framework in place at European level that is fit for purpose: the Motor Insurance Directive, complemented by the Product Liability Directive.

Published 16 October 2019
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