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Insure yourself wisely: motor insurance

If you own a vehicle in Europe you are legally obliged to have motor insurance. However, the topic can sometimes be a little daunting. Insurance Europe has, therefore, published an infographic today to help consumers ensure they have appropriate insurance cover, drive safely in an increasingly connected world and know what to do in the event of an accident.

Consumers are, for example, encouraged to do a little research to find the motor insurance policy that best suits their needs. Insurance Europe also recommends that consumers do not just focus on the price of the policy, but also pay attention to exactly what it covers.

As driving across borders is an everyday reality in Europe and accidents between vehicles from different countries are common, Insurance Europe also published a step-by-step guide today on what consumers should do if they are involved in a road accident while travelling abroad.

The motor insurance infographic and the guide to the claims process for accidents abroad are part of Insurance Europe’s #InsureWisely campaign, which aims to increase financial literacy and awareness levels across Europe.

Financial education plays a vital role in ensuring that European citizens are equipped with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to improve their understanding of financial products and concepts. Insurance Europe also encourages EU policymakers and regulators to play a greater role in supporting this objective.

Published 31 October 2018