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Impact assessment results should be reflected in Omnibus II

Insurance Europe, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, welcomes the fact that the results of the impact assessment on measures to deal with long-term guarantee issues in Solvency II are expected to be known before the Omnibus II text is finalised.

It is regrettable that this may lead to a delay in the Solvency II process, but it is vital that the results of the tests can be reflected in Omnibus II in order to ensure that the new regulatory regime is both appropriate and workable.

The decision to carry out the assessment shows that legislators have recognised that measures are needed to ensure that the Solvency II framework measures the real risks faced by insurance companies' long-term business and does not create artificial volatility. Without such measures the provision by insurers of long-term guarantees and their matching long term investment would be under threat. The challenge now is to ensure that those measures are correctly designed and work across the European markets.

Published 20 September 2012