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EU insurers call for clarifications to data protection guidelines for connected vehicles and mobility related applications

Insurance Europe has published its response to a consultation by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) on draft guidelines on processing personal data related to connected vehicles and mobility related applications, where it called for several clarifications to be made.

The guidelines should be revised to fully recognise the equal footing of all legal bases under the GDPR that allow insurers to access and process data from connected vehicles, so that they can continue to provide telematics-based insurance products. Moreover, the guidelines should be adjusted to reflect a better understanding of how insurance telematics works in practice.

Finally, the guidelines should show a more flexible approach to insurer’s access to raw data to enable them to provide innovative telematics products that customers demand. For example, the guidelines should acknowledge that an insurer needs access to at least one identifier to know which policyholder they are dealing with, so they can deliver the right service and charge the correct individual.

Published 25 March 2020