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#Data4Drivers: EU rules needed to give drivers control of their vehicle data

Today saw the launch of the #Data4Drivers campaign, which calls on EU policymakers to act to ensure that drivers — rather than vehicle manufacturers — control who can access their vehicle data and for what purpose.

When a vehicle generates data that can be traced back to its owner/driver, that data should be treated as personal data according to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, it must be drivers that decide who can access this data and for what purpose.

However, vehicle manufactures are currently developing systems to access in-vehicle data that mean they — rather than drivers — would control the flow of the data. The #Data4Drivers campaign therefore calls on EU policymakers to take legislative action to ensure that any technological solution to access in-vehicle data lets drivers decide with whom they share their data. Drivers will only be able to do this if the technological solution puts all stakeholders, including vehicle manufacturers, on an equal footing.

Manufacturing a vehicle and being responsible for its safe functioning does not justify bypassing drivers to become the gateway to their in-vehicle data. There is a need for legislative action by the EU to ensure that drivers remain in the driving seat regarding their in-vehicle data.


Published 29 November 2017