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The European (re)insurance industry identified climate change as an emerging risk over two decades ago and has since campaigned for more action to be taken to mitigate its impact. (Re)insurers are especially aware of and sensitive to the risks posed by a changing climate, both as underwriters of risk and compensators of losses. As Europe’s largest institutional investors, they can also play a significant role in financing the transition towards more sustainable economies.

The industry is also ready and willing to contribute to the European Green Deal. Measures are needed now to minimise future climate change-related losses and to ensure affordable and sustainable insurance cover in the years to come.

Hlatky Climate risks

To see examples of how insurers are addressing climate change, click on a word below:

Climate Change Word CloudData-sharing Data-sharing Adaptation Adaptation Platform Mitigation Mitigation Green Partnership Platform Information NatCat Tools Cover Impact Mapping Commitment NatCat Greenhouse Gas Certificate Guidelines Flood Municipalities Strategy Academia Transparency Prevention Expertise Data-sharing Impact Projects Damage Investment Zoning Apps Tools Sustainability Loss Insurability Consumer Awareness Apps Prevention Expertise Tools Data-sharing Certificate Assessment Zoning Information Loss Consumer Prevention Cover NatCat Tools Flexibility Data-sharing Risk-Analysis Municipalities Apps Damage Strategy Impact Projects Investment Impact Sustainability Data-Sharing Green Academia Apps Platform NatCat Flood Green Commitment Flexibility Cover Greenhouse Gas Expertise Renewable Solutions Investment Mapping Tools Partnership Insurability Awareness Solutions Transparency Renewable Loss Apps Cover Zoning Green Impact Municipalities Projects Tools Mapping Investment Damage Zoning Platform Guidelines Impact Apps Prevention Loss


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