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Better Regulation Agenda: EC failing to take account of stakeholder input

While Insurance Europe supports the European Commission’s “Better Regulation” agenda and its objectives to improve internal processes and stakeholder consultations, it has warned that in many cases stakeholders are not given enough time to provide input and that policymakers do not allow themselves enough time to properly analyse that input and take it on board.

In its response to the Commission’s consultation on its stocktaking of the 'Better Regulation" approach, Insurance Europe acknowledges that important steps have been taken to increase the transparency of EU decision-making by allowing stakeholders the possibility to provide input on draft legislative initiatives. These include the “Have your say” portal, stakeholder consultations and public hearings.

However, Insurance Europe points to examples where stakeholder input is sought with a short timeframe or late in the legislative process, rendering the input useless. Moreover, the Commission should place more emphasis on justifying the need for legislative acts and on assessing the cumulative impact of planned legislation. This includes better consideration of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality when policies are developed.  

Key recommendations for improving the Commission’s "Better Regulation" approach can be found here.

Published 24 October 2018